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January 24, 2013


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mike post

Same outfit just ran the SHOT Show in Las Vegas...think they asked them to keep guns off the exhibit hall floor?


Simple solution. Just don't sell guns without background checks. Most NRA members are comfortable with this, but the NRA leaders are beholden and dependent on the shows and manufacturers for their million dollar salaries-- and oppose even reasonable regulation which the Supreme Court decision supports.

Mark Rodgers

Your decision does not affect a few vendors, it affects all Americans and a right to defend ourselves as given to us by God and guaranteed us by the Second Amendment of The Constitution of The United States of America.
The people, businesses, celebrities that pulled out of your show didn't do so because they all want to own or display "black guns" they pulled out because they support the rights of others to do so and that's what America is all about. Go home to the UK and think about where you're doing business and then come back when you're ready to play by our rules; the rules of The Greatest Nation on Earth!


I'm not from the UK, but it is true that the UK has a fraction of the gun deaths of the US. Again, most NRA members agree with reasonable regulations, and its the NRA executives who bow down to the gun industry and oppose evrything.

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