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February 25, 2012


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Your comment is one-sided. Think how the legislature in a hunting oriented state, such as Idaho, would react if their wildlife official traveled to California and took part in a parade demonstrating AGAINST hunting mountain lions. How long would he last when the legilators in Idaho found out about it?

Just asking you to be fair in your comments.

J.R. Absher

Of course it was one-sided, you idiot. It's my freaking blog!! Besides that, he wasn't taking part in a damn parade, it was a legal and legitimate hunt, as a licensed non-resident hunter. The Assembly needs to butt out. What they're attempting to do is to hijack the Commission by ousting an R-appointee and replacing him with one named by Governor Moonbeam! Ridiculous state. Ridiculous state politics!


Oh Boy, You don't get it. A parade would be just as legal in California as a mountain lion hunt in Idaho. The reason Idaho politicians would be outraged is that it would be against their policy, not that it would be illegal. Do you have any doubt that the Idaho official would be fired for going against Idaho policy and taking part in the demonstration against hunting?
The fact that you respond with insults tells a lot about your thinking process.

Barry Wilson

Brian, Your comment is asinine.

Guy J. Sagi

Game and fish commissions are there to establish policy for managing renewable wildlife resources in their respective states. For whatever reason, cougars are much more warm and fuzzy to Californians, but Idaho has a surplus of the mountain biker- and hiker-killing lions, so this commissioner ultimately helped that state hit its management quota. Sounds to me like he was following that "renewable" principle. Unfortunately, 40 members of California's legislature decided to burn the guy at the cross to send a message to Idaho and anyone else in California considering traveling across state lines to engage in a legal activity that isn't politically fashionable. Shame on them.

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